Is GrowBasics organic?

In short, it is not.  GrowBasics is made with a mix of organic and conventional components. We try to use as little conventional fertilizer as possible by using advanced microbes and organic cheating/uptake enhancers.  The focus on uptake is a big part of what gives our system the efficiency and functionality of complex nutrient systems, but with only three parts and no EDTA. 

Will GrowBasics work for my aeroponic and hydroponic systems?

It sure will!  GrowBasics is designed not to clog emitters.  Use 50% – 75% dosages found on our feed chart for aeroponic and hydroponic growing.

Will this help me control pH levels?

You will need your own pH adjusters. We always recommend monitoring pH levels! 

Anytime you add nutrients we would recommend to pH your finished feedwater to around 6.0.

What is EDTA? Why exclude it?

The GrowBasics nutrient system is proudly free of EDTA.  Here’s what that means: 

EDTA is a synthetic chelating molecule that is very effective and common in synthetic nutrients.  The problem with EDTA is that it’s a little too good at what it does and doesn’t break down, which means that EDTA use can toxify land, water sources and ultimately the food chain.  It sticks around in the environment long after you feed your plants. 

For example, once EDTA collects in stream systems, rivers, and oceans it can re-mobilize heavy metals, bringing them from a semi-locked up state (essentially sinking back into the earth) back into the lifecycle.  More and more EDTA in these systems increases the likelihood that more and more unfavorable metals will upcycle. 

GrowBasics uses natural chelation processes that don’t require synthetic molecules like EDTA.

Will I need to add Cal-Mag? Will I need to add Calcium?

Nope!  It’s all included in the GrowBasics system.

Is there a use for GrowBasics in the clone phase?

Absolutely!  Apply GrowBasics to clone cubes in 50% dosages found on feed chart levels.  Once it roots, begin from Week 1.

Is GrowBasics entirely chemical based? If so, would it have the potential of negatively impacting beneficial bacteria in an organic soil setup?

No worries there.  GrowBasics is built for microbial stimulation.

Will GrowBasics Bloom force a plant into flowering?

Yes.  There are bacteria in the bloom product that stimulate bloom in plants.

Have other questions?  Please contact us via our contact page or via email at [email protected].